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Can I change or cancel my order?Updated 10 months ago

We can edit an order before it's shipped. For example, you'd like to replace one record for another in your order. We can do that for you. Reach out to us via the chat box in the bottom-right.

Cancelling your order is only possible if your order hasn't shipped yet. We might offer to change your order or give you some options, but we won't be sales-sharks trying to rescue the sale. We get it. In some cases, you just regret placing that order.

Note: If you've paid via an e-transfer, we'll issue a gift card instead of a refund because e-transfers can't be returned.

What's with the cancellation fee?

Payment processors (like PayPal and credit card companies) love to take fees but refuse to return them. So when we cancel an order, the fee they charged us isn't returned to us in case of a refund. That's where the cancellation fee comes in to cover that loss.

You can request a gift card instead of a refund to avoid the fee.

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