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Can I use 2 different credit cards for 1 order?Updated 10 months ago

Theoretically, no. But we have a way around it.

Our system normally allows for only 1 card per checkout. If that card doesn't have enough "room", the transaction will decline. If you have a second card with just a little bit of room and you want to use both cards for one order, here's a way to do it:

First: Create an order for our digital gift cards for roughly the amount you need to supplement your card.

When you receive the gift card(s), take note of the code you received.

Then: Create the order you want to create in the first place apply the gift card(s) to the order, and pay the balance with your other credit card (or e-transfer/PayPal).

Alternatively, you can use Sezzle so that you can pay for your purchase in 4 terms.

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