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Questions about billing

Can I use 2 different credit cards for 1 order?

Theoretically, no. But we have a way around it. Our system normally allows for only 1 card per checkout. If that card doesn't have enough "room", the transaction will decline. If you have a second card with just a little bit of room and you want to u

Fraud prevention actions

We understand this is a touchy subject. We want to make sure that nobody's payment information is being used unrightfully. Our system is highly intelligent and scans every transaction for fraud on several levels, especially if you're paying with a cr

How do I pay via e-transfer?

This method allows you to pay directly from your bank account. No credit cards or accounts needed. Detailed instructions will show on the order confirmation page. Please follow these steps to complete your payment:. IMPORTANT: If your order is not pa

When do I pay for my order?

When you place an order, your payment will immediately be processed, whether it’s your credit card, Paypal balance or e-Transfer. The main reason for this is mainly because you know how much money you have available on your card right now. If you’re

Which payment methods do you accept?

We want to make shopping as convenient as possible for you, so we offer a variety of payment methods:. We don’t accept cash, cheques, money orders, Western Union or any other form of payment.

Why isn't my PayPal payment processed yet?

PayPal is a convenient way of paying for your order and is usually instant. However, there are situations where PayPal turns a direct payment into what they call an e-check. This is the same as the old-fashioned paper cheques. They need to be cleared