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Why isn't my PayPal payment processed yet?Updated 10 months ago

PayPal is a convenient way of paying for your order and is usually instant. However, there are situations where PayPal turns a direct payment into what they call an e-check. This is the same as the old-fashioned paper cheques. They need to be cleared by the bank before the deposit is made in the recipient's account.

This has one major drawback: The money left your account but hasn't arrived in ours. This means, technically, we haven't received your payment yet. We will have to wait until the payment clears before processing your order.

There are a few reasons PayPal turns a direct payment into an e-check, but PayPal staff can better explain a situation than we can. Here's a forum answer from PayPal staff on this subject:

Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do to speed up this process, and if you have any more questions about your situation specifically, please get in touch with PayPal.

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