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Fraud prevention actionsUpdated 10 months ago

We understand this is a touchy subject. We want to make sure that nobody's payment information is being used unrightfully.

Our system is highly intelligent and scans every transaction for fraud on several levels, especially if you're paying with a credit card.

Sometimes, we might send you an email requesting to take a picture of your credit card for verification. This is because our system warned us that the order might be fraudulent. It could be as simple as your billing street address not matching the address on your card (which we don't have access to. This is all handled securely by the credit card processing company).

We don't want to see your whole card number. We will never ask for the verification code on the back. Below is a picture of how you should send us your card information. We only want to check the number's last four digits and your name.

Your privacy is our top concern. Please read our privacy policy here.

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