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How long before backordered items can be shipped?Updated 10 months ago

Our website's inventory is synchronized with our supplier's database and updates every 3 hours.

Technically, if an item is not in stock at our supplier, you will not be able to order it.

There are a few exceptions:

  1. You're ordering an item that went out of stock in the 3-hour delay
  2. Your internet browser/computer is so old that it doesn't recognize the messages we have on our website, marking items out of stock.
  3. You have JavaScript disabled in your browser (it's unlikely you'd have a workable experience on many websites)

If you've ordered a back-ordered item, you will receive an email from us, explaining which item is back ordered. You can decide if you want to wait for the item or replace it with something else.

How long before a back-ordered item can be shipped?

The short answer: We don’t know.

The longer answer: It really depends on why an album is backordered. It could be because it’s a very popular item and our supplier or the record label can’t keep up with the demand. These titles are usually back in stock fairly quickly.

It could be that the pressing plant is having issues for whatever reason. Either an issue with the physical presses needs to be fixed or there’s a logistics complication. It could also be that the albums are not in high demand. To clear space, some albums are available for special order, which means they're easily available, just not in our supplier's warehouse. These are the times where we have absolutely no idea what’s happening and how long it takes for a title to become available again.

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