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Can you do something about the price?

It's a question often asked at trade shows, together with "would you take $...?". On NEW vinyl: Generally, no. The price on the site is the price we have to sell it for unless we make a mistake in pricing. Feel free to ask. On USED vinyl: Generally,

Can you get Record Store Day releases?

Because Record Store Day is designed for brick-and-mortar stores, Funky Moose Records is unfortunately not invited to the party because we only sell online. So no, we can NOT get RSD releases in for Record Store Day. However, whatever is left at our

Coloured vinyl / Limited editions

Although we strive to always have accurate and up-to-date information on our site, in some cases, you might receive a standard black copy of a release that you’re expecting to be coloured. Often, coloured releases are limited runs of a certain amount

Do you buy records?

We'd love to expand our inventory to a ridiculous amount of great music, and we're always on the hunt for great records. We pay cash for your forgotten records, and we're not cherry pickers, so we'll buy the whole collection if we like what we see. C

Do you have [Album] by [Artist]?

In December 2022, we implemented a system that keeps all items on our website in sync with our supplier's inventory. If a title is not listed on our website, it is either out of stock or no longer available. When it becomes available again, it will b

How do you grade your records?

We visually grade records, which means we don’t put all the records we sell on the turntable to see if it has static. We use the following to the best of our abilities. In the descriptions of used records, you’ll see the following terms:. These grade

How long before backordered items can be shipped?

Our website's inventory is synchronized with our supplier's database and updates every 3 hours. Technically, if an item is not in stock at our supplier, you will not be able to order it. There are a few exceptions:. If you've ordered a back-ordered i

What do these abbreviations mean?

Especially in the used section, you'll see a few abbreviations. Here are the main ones: