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What do these abbreviations mean?Updated 10 months ago

Especially in the used section, you'll see a few abbreviations. Here are the main ones:

  • 2LP = An alum on 2 records
  • 3LP = An album on 3 records
  • Gat = Short for "Gatefold", which is the cover that opens like a book or a gate.
  • Club = A record that was pressed for a record club like Columbia House, which makes them a little rarer due to the limited amount of pressings.
  • TP = Test Pressing. Usually, only a handful of these are around because this is the record that was sent to the band for approval from the pressing plant.
  • Promo = A record that wasn't sold, but was sent to mainly radio stations as a promotional copy.
  • Comp = Compilation, so a number of different songs by different artists on one album.
  • Box = Box set. Usually a bigger package with multiple records and additional material, like booklets and posters.
  • Unofficial = Also known as a bootleg. A copy of the original or an unauthorized recording of a live show.
  • RE = Reissue.
  • RM = Remastered.
  • RP = Re-press.
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